Sarah E Andersen

Executive Director, USA

Sarah E Andersen

Sarah is currently working towards a masters in Educational Leadership and Policy with a focus in Social Justice through Boston College and has an undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of New Hampshire. She first joined The Batey Foundation family as a participant on a service-learning trip in 2009. Since then she has served TBF in the following capacities: as a group trip leader, member of the board of directors, capacity building consultant, and now as the executive director. Sarah spent two years in the DR working for a nonprofit that educates and empowers girls to end generational poverty. Her background is in education, with 7 years of experience as a Spanish language teacher.


Program Director, DR

Leyri Garcia

Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Leyri has been working with cross-cultural programs and engaging in community service for several years. Leyri is a passionate believer in cultural exchange and community service. Leyri has worked with a range of community organizations from Visions Service Adventure, Global Glimpse, Friends Around the World and The Batey Foundation. He began studying English while still in high school but is mostly self-taught. He is a passionate photographer who loves to capture the world around him. He believes that through honest open conversation, people from different cultures can learn from one another and deepen friendships and understanding. Leyri is also creative and works both as an artist as well as in community service work.

Leyri manages both in country programs and the Scholarship Program for The Batey Foundation. Leyri is a year round connection between the Foundation and local communities in the Dominican Republic. Leyri is an integral part of all the work we do here at The Batey Foundation, and is truly dedicated to the mission of TBF!


Operations Assistant, USA

Ashlea Greenlaw

Ashlea started as an intern at The Batey Foundation in 2016, and came on as a staff member in 2017. She graduated in May of 2019 with a BSW from the University of New Hampshire. She then went straight into an MSW program at University of New Hampshire and completed that program in 2020. She now works full time as a School Counselor at a small boarding school in Northern, NH.

Ashlea was able to take her first trip to the Dominican Republic with The Batey Foundation in March of 2019. She loved every moment of it, and was thrilled to finally see what all of her work here in the States goes towards in the DR. Although there were many amazing moments, her favorite part of the trip was being able to meet our scholarship students.

Ashlea loves working for The Batey Foundation because it takes students from all over the world and enables cross-cultural connections, shining a light on different circumstances people live in and aids in teaching gratitude. Ashlea is honored to work with such an amazing team that has an impact on people's lives both in the Dominican Republic and the United States!

Isabel Garcia

Social Media and Community Outreach Intern

Isabel (Isa) Garcia

Isa is originally from Lawrence, MA and is currently a student at The White Mountain School in New Hampshire where she is involved in student government. Back in her hometown, she interned for Joe Kennedy during his run for senate in 2020 by encouraging civic participation among the Latino community throughout Massachusetts and assisting Latinos in registering to vote despite language barriers. She began her time at The Batey Foundation in February of 2022 and looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for TBF through social media and community outreach.