The Challenge

While schooling in the Dominican Republic is funded by the government, students are still required to cover the annual costs of new school uniforms, athletic clothing, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies. The majority of families in the communities where we work remain mired in deep structural and situational poverty and cannot afford these out-of-pocket expenses, posing a serious barrier to their children’s education.

The Scholarship Program eradicates this barrier by supplying the required items for students and offering them academic support throughout the year. Since this program began in 2011, it has supported over 30 students academically, with our first 4 students graduating high school in 2020. Currently we have 2 students who are continuing their education at the university level.

The Program

The Batey Foundation Scholarship Program serves students from the communities of San Luis and Naranjo by matching them with sponsors who pledge to support their education through highschool. In exchange, the students commit to attending school, working hard, and staying in touch with our local scholarship program coordinator who offers academic support, community service opportunities, and fun activities for students outside of school.

Students are selected with several considerations in mind:

  • Economic need
  • Academic performance
  • Recommendations from teachers and community members


Each sponsor is asked to support their student through their education; this is usually a 10 year commitment. The annual scholarship fee is currently $360 or $30 per month, less than $1 per day!


Our dedicated in-country staff helps us maintain lines of regular communication between students and their sponsors in the form of letters, video calls, and photos.


“Thank you to the foundation for the help. As a single mother, it is very hard to support your children alone and the foundation has made this a lot easier for me” -Yahaira Breton (Scholarship Program mother)

“I am very grateful for the support given to me throughout the years. God bless you all! Thank you” -Ricelis Carreras (scholarship student)

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