The Program

Currently The Batey Foundation supports 10 women in Batey San Luis and Naranjo with micro-finance projects that strengthen the women's business capacities. The most vulnerable women in these bateys make less than $3 per day selling their products in the street. Only 32% of these women have access to credit or loans, which have a high interest rate (20% of the amount), to start an income-generating activity. The Livelihood Program makes it possible for these women to finance their businesses which ultimately allows them to be central agents in the family organization; empowered women in families will lead to more investment in children’s health and education.

Since October 2020 the women in the Livelihood Program have:

  • Received 3x the amount of money that they started with
  • Attended sessions led by our in-country staff on
    • Financial management and strategies
    • Building literacy and math skills
    • How to set up their own business
    • Health, well-being, and sexual education
    • Life skills on gender-based violence
  • Started the following businesses/projects
    • Hair and nail salon
    • Small corner stores
    • Selling clothing and shoes
    • Making and selling curtains and pillowcases

Livelihood Project Donations:

Each donation to the Livelihood Project will go towards running the financial management and health sessions with the women, continuing to support the women who are already in the program, as well as providing opportunities for more women to join. Our hope is to be able to support 20 women by fall 2022.

Quotes from the women:

“Thanks to the support of TBF I was able to increase my products, and with the savings I’m making my dreams come true by building my three bedroom house” - Nununa

“Thanks to TBF for the Livelihood funds that allow me to provide food and pay the education fees for my children” - Estefania

“Thanks to the financial supports of TBF I can generate more funds and increase the ranges of my products” - Linda

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