Health Education and Outreach

Batey communities face a number of critical challenges, not the least of which being lack of access to basic healthcare and health education. Simple measures—including education about the importance of clean water, washing one’s hands after using the loo, preventing sexually transmitted diseases, or disease prevention through diet and exercise—are virtually unheard of in these communities.

In partnership with local healthcare workers, The Batey Foundation identifies educational opportunities and provides the resources for outreach, advocacy campaigns, and intervention. Recent projects include:

  • Mobile clinical services
  • Reproductive health workshops in areas with high rates of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Comprehensive needs-analysis in Batey Naranjo

Infrastructure Development

The Batey Foundation’s Community-Driven Infrastructure Program is what we consider to be the “bricks and mortar” of our organization. These projects are all identified, planned, and implemented in direct collaboration with local leaders, community organizations, and nongovernmental organizations.

Over the years, TBF has completed over a dozen community infrastructure projects, including two multiuse community buildings, an elementary school, a baseball field, six homes, and a community water cistern, among other efforts.

TBF’s investments, both financial and through in-kind labor, are especially important because of the Dominican government’s minimal investment in these communities. As a result, many homes and the community at large lack access to clean water, electricity, gathering and play spaces, and other basic infrastructure.


Current Project

In 2016, local partners identified the need for a safe educational environment for children in Batey Naranjo. Construction is underway on a cooperative preschool where parents will volunteer time and pay a modest fee for their children to attend. The inaugural class took their seats in the fall of 2016. TBF anticipates completion of this project in 2017, at which point the school will serve 70 children between the ages of three to six.

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