matthew toms
Board President & Founder

Matthew Toms

Matthew began studying, working, and living in Latin America in 1996. He first saw poverty with his own eyes in early experiences in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and was shocked, saddened, and overwhelmed by what he witnessed. Through his work in Latin America he came to have a better understanding of the human rights abuses and the oppression that occur inherently with these types of poverty, as well as the complexities of development and relief work and the difficulties in changing this reality. Over time, his work became focused predominantly around exposing high school, college, and graduate students to the abysmal living conditions, harsh realities, and severe abuses of human rights that occur on the bateys of the Dominican Republic and ultimately founded The Batey Foundation to help address these challenges. Matthew lives in Bethlehem, NH with his wife and 2 children.

Meglyn LaVoie

Meglyn LaVoie loves numbers. She is the business manager for the White Mountain School and the treasurer for TBF. Meglyn helps the organization navigate the complexities of the business operation domestically and abroad.

Julia Healy

Julia Healy

Julia Healy has been a member of the board of The Batey Foundation since June of 2012 and is Assistant Director of the Scholarship Program. During the three years on the board, Julia has participated in four service trips which focussed the construction of the Community Center in Batey San Luis and the home of a resident in Batey San Luis. As Assistant Director of the Scholarship Program Julia has helped coordinate efforts between scholarship students in the DR and sponsoring families in the United States. Julia holds an MSW from the University of New Hampshire, is married and has three children, She lives in Hanover, NH.

Board Member

Jan Wojtasinski

Jan began his work with The Batey Foundation as a participant on a service trip in the spring of 2008. After working with The Batey Foundation on a photography project in the winter of 2011, Jan began to volunteer as a member of the Board. He is currently the Director of Marketing for the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Jan advises The Batey Foundation on technical projects, marketing strategy and program policy and operations.

Board Member

Chelsea Desrochers

Chelsea began her journey with The Batey Foundation in June of 2011 as a student participant on a service trip. She began serving on the Board of Directors as a public health professional in 2014. Chelsea is currently attending Boston University and working towards her Masters Degree in Global Health. Most recently, she served this past summer as an intern for The Batey Foundation 2015 and completed a needs assessments for Batey Naranjo.

Board Member

Richard Webb

Born in Lima, Peru, Richard Webb has long had a connection to Peru and to the communities near Cusco he first began working in around 1998. Working first with Visions Service adventures and later founding the social enterprise, ProWorld in 2000. Since then, Richard has worked with high school, college students and graduates in educational programming in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe for the last 17 years.

Richard has degrees from Vassar (History) and Oxford (MBA) and currently serves as a founding member of the educational consortium, Global Educators based in Northampton, MA.
Board Member


Nicole joined the board in 2017 after traveling to the DR with her colleagues for the organization’s first corporate partner program. Nicole and her team came back closer and stronger as a result of working together, in service, for a week. She brings a wealth of experience in marketing and fundraising as well as the support from her entire team at AppCast.