Se el Cambio – Memories from The Dominican

volunteering in the bateyes

Ever since I traveled to the DR with Matteo and Hector in June of 2011 and blew out my first candle, I have developed passions, memories and life long friendships. There are many reasons why I continue returning to the DR every year and try to “lose” my passport when its time to leave. I have met some of the most inspirational people who have such a passion for helping others and making changes.  I have also been able to see the progress of the community center and had the honor of participating in the first community meeting.

One of the highlights from my trip this past January took place at the community meeting and that was when I read a Spanish children’s book to some of the children in San Luis. I have had so many great memories there that I think about every day. I love everything about the DR, especially the atmosphere full of laughter, music, dancing, energy and happiness. These people may be poor but they are some of the happiest people I have ever met. I look forward to traveling to the DR again next January and seeing the community center in action along with beginning a new project in Jabacao. To the groups traveling to the DR in March and this summer I hope this trip is a life changing experience like it was for me, and make sure you give Juan de dios a hard time for me.

Open your mind, learn lots, and have fun.

“Se el cambio.”

– Chelsea